Ukraine warned Belarus: if we receive attacks from its territory, they will receive an answer that they did not expect

He spoke about this in an interview with Current Time.

“We understand that Putin is putting pressure on Lukashenka to launch an armed aggression against Belarus every day. We know everything. There was even a recent meeting in Sochi on this topic. But if the soldiers arrive from Belarus, as was the case on February 24, they will receive an answer they did not expect,” he emphasized.

“Mobilization readiness” announced in one of the military units near Minsk

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced that a “mobilization readiness check” is being announced at the military unit in Machulishchii, near Minsk. Some time ago, independent experts reported that Belarusian railways were being prepared for the reception of Russian echelons.

The Ministry of Defense of the Minsk regime announces that the unit plans to “resolve a number of issues”. When it comes to conscripting reservists and upgrading skills, military equipment tests its combat capabilities.

Military unit Maculiščiai 06752 is located near Minsk and has a military airfield. Russian military forces, which later took part in the attack on Ukraine, went to Mačulištsi.

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