Ukraine warns that Russia has already begun its new campaign of "energy terror"

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The prime minister of UkraineDenís Shmigal, has denounced that Russia has already begun its new campaign of “energy terror” against Ukrainian electrical and thermal infrastructure, and assured that the Kiev authorities are prepared to offer the maximum possible protection to these facilities.

“We understand that the energy terror phase of this cold season has already begun,” Shmigal said in statements reported by Ukraine’s national news agency, Ukrinform.

“We can see it in the destruction fuel production, distribution and storage infrastructure“added the head of the Kiev Government, who alluded to the recent Russian attacks against this type of infrastructure. “We understand that they will continue,” he stressed.

The Ukrainian state power company, Ukrenergo, reported yesterday that the more than forty missiles launched by Russia against several regions of Ukraine during the early hours of Thursday left some 400 municipalities throughout the country without power. The attack affected the service of several substations and electrical distribution systems.

Shmigal explained that the Ukrainian state is working to repair the damage that Russia has already caused to the system. At the same time, the Army is intensifying its efforts to defend the national electrical and thermal grids from Russian missile and drone attacks.

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