Ukraine’s infrastructure losses have reached $100 billion since the beginning of the war

The amount of infrastructure losses reached $104 billion. As a result of shelling by the Russian army, at least 45 million square meters of housing, 656 hospitals, more than 1,200 educational institutions, almost 25 thousand kilometers of roads, 300 bridges, 12 airports were destroyed or damaged.

Shmyhal noted that the Ukrainian government, international experts, and the European Commission estimate the total size of the recovery program at 500-600 billion euros.

According to him, next month the government will present the United24 Ukraine Recovery Plan, and already today invites countries to join its implementation.

“We are betting on a regional approach, which provides for the guardianship of one of the partner countries over a specific region or industry. Denmark has already volunteered to rebuild the Mykolaiv region. The Baltic countries will help rebuild the Zhytomyr region. Portugal will rebuild Ukrainian schools. And everyone in Ukraine knows that the UK, As Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised, he will take part in the restoration and development of Kyiv and the Kyiv region,” Shmyhal said.

As the Prime Minister noted, Ukraine has already begun work on the restoration of electricity, water supply, gas supply, work on the restoration of roads, bridges and housing in the liberated territories.

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