Ukrainian refugee Sofiia (22) dumped by text message: ‘I thought we would have children together’ | Abroad

Within two weeks, Sofia had left the house where she was initially offered a bed in Bradford through a British shelter program. She then moved in with Tony with his parents after a heated argument with Lorna, the (ex-) wife of the tattooed Brit. She still takes care of the children of three and six years old.

However, the love story also turned against Sofiia, despite an extensive photo shoot for the British press. She said she was only good for the laundry, cleaning and cooking, while Tony only sat on the couch. The costs also ended up on her plate. Still, she “really loved Tony” over the past few months and didn’t put an end to the relationship that got out of hand. “I thought we would spend the rest of our lives together and have children, but he suddenly changed. I think the pressure has become too much for him.”

According to Sofiia, a trained IT professional, Tony was mostly busy with roulette on the internet and did little else. “I begged him to stop gambling, but he didn’t.”

It’s texting

It was Tony who finally broke up – by text message. “You are no longer welcome here,” she was told. “I’m devastated, I really believed his bulls**t.”

In her anger, Sofiia kicked off Tony’s parents’ house, after which she was taken away by the police to calm things down. According to Tony, she couldn’t handle alcohol.

Sofia felt treated like a dog, writes The Sun. Tony was asked for a comment by the newspaper, but he declined to comment on the allegations. “Tony is a liar. He started flirting with me when I had only been living with him and Lorna for two days. But we didn’t have sex until we moved. I would never do that.”

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She continues: “It all came from him, he started everything. I didn’t split him and Lorna, that was over long before I arrived.”

Sofiia has now settled elsewhere, in an emergency shelter. She arrived at Manchester airport in May after a two-month journey to flee the bloody war at home. “It will be a long and arduous journey for me now, but I will rebuild my life and when I do, I will be glad he is no longer a part of it.”

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