Ukrainian writers and artists, their tragic fate repeats itself after 86 years

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Many Ukrainian writers and artists risk or lose their lives in the war with Russia and comparisons are already being made between Russian aggression against Ukraine and its national identity and the execution of the country’s most prominent perpetrators by order of Moscow exactly 86 years ago.

“The current methods of destroying our culture are slightly different, somehow ‘more modern’, but in the end what Russia always seeks is one thing: destroy Ukraine by all possible means”Lidia Migalega, coordinator of “The stiletto and the pen”, an initiative that emerged in Uzhgorod, tells Efe.

Since 2018, the project has sought to create a space for young ukrainians believe and share his work. One of its objectives is to counter what Migalega sees as the Kremlin’s years-long deliberate attempt to expand Russian culture to the detriment of Ukrainian culture.

At the beginning of the large-scale invasion, many of the authors who attended the readings poetry evenings took up armsamong them Sviatoslav Kondrat and Kirilo Babentsov, who died at the front.

Others, such as the writers Artem Chapeye and Artem Chej, or the film director Oleg Sentsov, they also risk their lives in the Army. Chekh escaped death near Bakhmut and Sentsov was recently wounded for the third time in combat near Avdiivka.

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