Üles­kut­se Kuu­sa­lu koo­li õuea­la aren­da­mi­seks

Kuusalu secondary school

Priit Mae, a member of the extended board of trustees of Kuusalu High School, posted an invitation to the municipality’s entrepreneurs’ mailing list to help the school and jointly develop the outdoor area. He explained that the director Kristi Tarik introduced to the board of trustees a survey conducted among students, which attractions, learning opportunities, additional activities, sports equipment or other exciting things would be recommended for the school’s outdoor area. The answers listed a swing, an outdoor pavilion, outdoor classes under a roof, a volleyball court between two houses, sitting areas, a climbing wall, an adventure park, a trampoline, a hammock, an outdoor stage, a slide, litter boxes, hanging rings, a monkey rail, a BMX track, dogs, a merry-go-round, a cave or a hut. Priit Mae asked the entrepreneurs to let her or the director know what and how they could help. He promised in the appeal that he would also support Fixfas OÜ with his company, and added that he was interested in creating a recreation area/outdoor classroom, an outdoor stage, seating areas, opportunities to play basketball and volleyball, and acquiring additional sports equipment would also be helpful. Priit Mae told the Messenger that two companies have already responded to the call: “The initiative can be supported financially, also with the company’s own services or materials. All private individuals are also invited to participate in the action. If you are interested and have the opportunity to support, let me know. If there is a group of supporters, it would be wise to get together with the headmaster and jointly establish the future action plan.”

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