Ultra-right: the suspects wanted to stab Macron

The leader of the group targeted by interpellations Tuesday wanted to stab the head of state with a ceramic knife.

A more successful project than we thought? Four of the six people close to the extreme right arrested Tuesday and suspected of feeding a plan to attack Emmanuel Macron have revealed in custody that their leader, Jean-Pierre B., intended to stab the head of state to using a ceramic knife during the November 11th ceremonies scheduled in Charleville-Mezieres (Ardenne), according to France 2.

The police found in the car of Jean-Pierre B., a former 55-year-old timber merchant, a knife not detectable by security gates because of his material, which the suspect planned to use during a bath crowd of Emmanuel Macron. "We really intervened just before an imminent action", assures the chain a source close to the investigation. "He looks like Mr. Everybody, he could have done it."

Suspicious movement

In this case, a woman arrested on Tuesday was released on Friday morning, a judicial source said. At the age of 61, she was arrested in Isère. On Thursday evening, the custody of a man arrested for his part in Ille-et-Vilaine had already been revoked.

The police of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI) had acted noting that Jean-Pierre B., domiciled in Isère, had moved "in the East" of France, while Emmanuel Macron was there for the commemoration of the Great War, according to a source familiar with the matter. A preliminary investigation was opened on October 31st by the Paris prosecutor's office for "criminal criminal terrorist association".

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