Umbar Dada’s wife accidentally while giggling on IG Live, Rizki DA: Oh Allah

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Nadya Mustika is back to being public spotlight after the public highlighted the part of his chest that was exposed when doing his live broadcast on Instagram.

In the video that was uploaded back to the Instagram account gosip lambeh_turah, the chest Nadya is seen behind the black hijab she is wearing.

Realizing that part of her chest was visible, Nadya was spontaneous covering his chest while laughing. This immediately caused scorn from the public.


“Astagfirullah, my sister’s aurat, “quipped the account @ati ***** t91.

“Yes, if you see it, you can give it new sticker uploaded so that it doesn’t look like that …“added the account @rah **** a_np.

“Does he think this is funny?, “added @rh *** h._ account.

“Purpose this is mah. Let him get bullied again by netizens. Yes, the husband @ da2_rizki123,” exclaimed the @offi ****** account at 22.

Meanwhile, in contrast to his wife, Rizki DA himself upload various prayers on his Instagram Stories page that seems to respond to his wife’s behavior.

“O Allah I’m trying, help me,” sound uploaded Rizki DA.

“O Allah, make my affairs easier and enlighten my heart. Aamiin,” continue the upload.

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Although there has been no further clarification regarding the relationship between the two of them, the issue of the breakdown in their household remains heated discussion in public. In fact, their marriage relationship has only been running for two months.

Now, Nadya herself is still in Bandung to finish her studies while Rizki DA is in Medan with family magnitude.

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