UN: “One in four women dare not say no if their husband wants sex”

One in four women does not feel free to say no to sex with their husband or partner. This is evident from a study by the United Nations.

The UNFPA population fund conducted research among women in 57 countries. About half of them appear to be able to make their own decisions about sex, contraception and health care.

In many countries, women do not have their own choice about contraception or require their husbands’ permission for abortion, the report found.


The results of the investigation are discouraging, according to the UN. In more than 40 percent of the countries, the situation for women has not improved or even worsened from 2006, the researchers say.

Promoting equality between men and women and an empowered position of women is one of the United Nations’ goals for 2030. That women feel free to make decisions about reproduction, contraception and sex is crucial for gender equality, the report says.

The Netherlands appears to be one of the countries with the most laws and regulations on sexual health and rights. Sweden, Finland, Cambodia and Uruguay also score high.

The study asked about the availability of health care and whether women can make their own decisions about contraception and sex. About 55 percent of the women were able to say ‘yes’ to all three questions.

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