World UN says world is in "acute phase" and calls...

UN says world is in “acute phase” and calls for “greatest effort ever” – News

The organization encourages all countries to recognize health as “a universal public good” and to guarantee the distribution of vaccines for covid-19 to the entire population. According to the WHO, there are 31 vaccine candidates under evaluation, of which nine are in clinical trials.

António Guterres mentioned today “alarming reports of large segments of the population in some countries, indicating their reluctance or even refusal to take a future vaccine against covid-19”.

In the report, the UN also highlights that, more than a health crisis, the covid-19 disease caused socioeconomic, humanitarian, security and human rights crises.

At a time when the UN marks 75 years of existence and has been criticized for fragility and weakness, the organization replies that “the UN system has been mobilized since the beginning [da pandemia] and comprehensively ”, having provided humanitarian assistance, established“ instruments for rapid responses to socio-economic impact ”and defined“ a broad political agenda ”.

The UN maintains that it has sent more than 180 emergency medical teams worldwide and trained more than 2.1 million health workers.

The report published today makes reference to the Global Humanitarian Response Plan, of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), which includes the 63 “most vulnerable” countries, including Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Timor-Leste, Central African Republic and Venezuela.

According to the UN, the Global Humanitarian Response Plan requires 10.3 billion dollars (8.7 billion euros) but had raised less than 25% of the amount by September 3, with around 2.5 billion euros. dollars (2.1 billion euros).

The Socioeconomic Response Framework proposed by the UN requires one billion dollars (845 million euros) and only accounted for 6% of the value on 3 September: around 49 million euros.

However, more than 80% of the total amount needed was raised for the Covid-19 Strategic Readiness and Response Plan. Of a total of € 1.47 billion, more than € 1.2 billion has already been received.

The UN proposes actions specifically targeted at each of the most vulnerable population groups, where migrants, women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities are found.

For the future, “guided by the Sustainable Development Agenda, the UN envisions a recovery process (…) addressing the climate crisis, inequalities, exclusion, gaps in social protection systems and the many other weaknesses and injustices that have been exposed ”, The report reads.

The UN Secretary-General has reiterated the importance of a ceasefire worldwide, which was first called for in March, and which has already joined 180 UN member states, more than 20 armed groups and more than 800 civil organizations.


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