Unanimity in the Ukrainian Parliament: it is impossible to vote under the bombs

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Given the relative proximity of March 31, the date on which the president’s term ends Volodímir Zelenskia question prevails in the Ukrainian public debate: should the country change the law and go to the polls, or is it inevitable to postpone the elections until the cessation of hostilities, as required by the current martial law?

The major political parties represented in the Ukrainian Parliament are clear: elections in the middle of this war would represent a logistical challenge impossible for the State to face, which would also put the safety of voters at risk and destroy the unity that Ukraine needs. to continue fighting the Russian invasion.

“Right now as we speak, an air alert has been declared, which can last an hour, two hours or more and can be activated again shortly,” he says in an interview with EFE. Yevgenia Kravchukdeputy of the majority party, Sluga Narodu, from whose ranks President Zelensky emerged.

Aerial alerts announce the possibility or imminence of attacks with enemy missiles or drones and are issued so that the population descends to shelters. On election day, would disrupt the voting process.

The deputy from Sluga Narodu, who has an absolute majority in the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, highlights the importance that political alternation through the ballot box has for a country that has not allowed any president to perpetuate himself in his position since he declared independence in 1991, but finds it impossible to go to the polls with all the necessary guarantees at this time.

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