Uncle Sam’s giant political party commotion caused Israel’s Iron Dome funds to be revoked

Washington DC

Two political parties (political party) giant in United States of America (US) is upset about the problem Israel. They debated whether the US still needed to help Israel with money for the Iron Dome.

What is Iron Dome?

The Iron Dome is Israel’s main weapon system capable of intercepting rockets, mostly from rockets from its rival Hamas. Iron Dome has been in development by Israel since 2006 and was used in 2011.

Reported by CNN, the Iron Dome functions like a dome that surrounds Israel. Its function is to prevent rockets from entering vital targets in the Zionist country.

There are rockets that are immediately destroyed, some are left when they lead to open areas. The dome is equipped with a radar that can identify targets. There is also a rocket launcher that can move freely. The system is very easy to move, it only takes a few hours to set up.

Actually, the Iron Dome is not as tangible as a dome or a curved roof that protects the space below. The Iron Dome form is a rocket system with radar.

If a Hamas rocket is fired, for example, the Iron Dome rocket will immediately hit the Hamas rocket so that the Hamas rocket does not injure Israeli citizens.

November 12, 2018, Iron Dome in Sderot, Southern Israel. (Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP)

Furthermore, the US role in the Iron Dome:


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