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The spokesperson of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, during an hour of government in the lower house, asked Mikhail Kotyukov, Minister of Science and Higher Education, to provide the deputies with data on the salaries of the university faculty without take into account the highest salaries of rectors, vice-chancellors, deans and heads of departments, reports Interfax.

He noted that at present the average salary is considered an average for a university, although in some educational institutions the rector receives dozens more times than a science candidate or associate professor. If the salary of the teaching staff is lower than the average salary, then "a decision will have to be taken," stressed Volodin.

Kostyukov has promised to provide this information, noting that the old restrictions on salary distribution are now returning – so that the salaries of the rectors are no more than eight times the average on the team.

Volodin asked for data in the context of each university, calling it a signal for the rectors. According to him, the rector's salary is many times greater than the minister's salary. "It happens so much that if here [in the State Duma] these numbers will ring now, we know what the reaction will be," said the speaker. Everyone discusses the salaries of ministers and deputies, but many employees in higher education have "ten times higher" salaries, Volodin also noted. This is justified if they do a lot for the country or invent what promotes the country and progress, but it is impossible to break away from the team, he concluded.

On the eve of September 10th, historian Askold Ivanchik, a teacher at the Department of History of the Moscow State University, said that the department's management had reduced all the teachers who joined and suggested that they continue to work alone if they had agreed a "zero salary". He specified that the salary of these teachers was "symbolic" previously and was paid to include them officially in the list of faculty employees. Ivanchik added that he was offered to work in the same way, ie "read everything as before, but at no cost". According to him, he accepted, because he taught at Moscow State University not for money.

I. about. Faculty principal Lev Belousov, through a representative, stated that Ivanchik's statement does not correspond to the real situation. According to him, part-time workers receive a salary in accordance with the salary set by their normal rate. Ivanchik, underlined Belousov, at the beginning of the school year did not meet with the faculty leaders and was not offered to give lectures.



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