Under conditions. Open the door to accept and join the ranks of the special forces of security "soldier and soldier first"


Special security forces, led by State Security, announced the opening of admission and registration for military troops: (first soldier, soldier) to work in field operations in the SSF units, here.. During the period from Sunday 10/3/1440 H 10 am until Thursday 14/3/1440 H at 10 am.

He explained that the conditions include the following:

• The applicant must be of Saudi origin and origin, and is exempt from being raised with his parents during out-of-kingdom service.
• Age should not be less than (17) years and no more than (30) years.
• It must be of good conduct and reputation and is not condemned to a legitimate limit or to a crime that violates honor and honesty and can not be expelled from a university or military institution.
• The length of the applicant must not be less than 170 cm.
• Do not be married to a non-Saudi.
• Do not have any previous services in any government agency.
• Not less than good.
• Obtained the required academic qualification and study regularly.
• Being in medical form and not having epilepsy or mental illness.
• Overcoming the medical examination and the interview and all the stages of acceptance.
• The applicant must verify the accuracy and correctness of the information in the recording of data.

He emphasized that the qualifications required for the rank of a first security soldier is a diploma a year or more after high school, and the degree of a security force requires high school or equivalent.


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