Under US sanctions through the Ukrainian sanatoriums in Crimea and the obtained LNR ministry


The list includes two Ukrainian citizens, one Russian and nine organizations, including sanatoriums and the Ministry of Security of the state of the Republic of Luhansk

"Ai-Petri" Sanatorium

(Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS)

The US Treasury has expanded the list of sanctions against Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. According to the ministry, three people and nine organizations have been added to the list.

The list includes a department – the Ministry of State Security of the proclaimed People's Republic of Luhansk – and three individuals:

  • Deputy Minister of State Security of the LPR, Alexander Basov, a citizen of Ukraine;
  • Andrey Sushko, a citizen of Ukraine (in the documents of the Ministry of Finance is listed as an officer of the FSB of Russia);
  • Vladimir Zaritsky from Russia, Head of Infrastructure Projects Management Company LLC.

From legal entities in the list of penalties included:

  • JSC "Ay-Petri Sanatorium" (according to the register established by the Ministry for Property and Land Relations of the Republic of Crimea);
  • JSC "Sanatorium" Dulber "(according to the unified register of the state of legal entities, the Ministry of Property of Crimea was also established);
  • AO Sanatorium "Mishor" (founder – the Ministry of Property of Crimea);
  • JSC "Krymteploelektrotsentral";
  • LLC Garant-SV;
  • LLC "Infrastructure project management company";
  • LLC South Project (a company associated with Bank Russia, at the end of last year became the owner of the company Crimea Novy Svet, a sparkling wine factory);
  • resort Mriya Resort & SPA (the US Treasury indicates that Sberbank is the last owner of the resort).

"Any property or interest in property that these people have in US jurisdiction is blocked," the Finance Ministry said in a statement. In addition, US citizens are prohibited from conducting financial transactions involving these individuals and organizations.

How the US authorities have explained the sanctions

The US Treasury emphasizes that further sanctions are being introduced "in response to continued harmful activities and the destabilizing behavior of Russia".

According to the Ministry of Finance, Andrei Sushko and Alexander Basov, as well as the Ministry of State Security of the LPR, were sanctioned for "serious violations of human rights supported by the sovereignty, integrity, democracy and economic stability of Ukraine ". Therefore, for the first time, a fine was imposed under the CAATSA article for violation of human rights.

The Foreign Ministry has defined the number of sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia

"Andrey Sushko, an officer of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), is suspected of the illegal abduction in 2017 of a Crimean Tatar activist who challenged the Russian occupation of Crimea, "said the Ministry of Finance. 39. Agency states that Sushko "subsequently participated in the mistreatment of this activist, which included the use of electroshock, suffocation and beatings".

According to the American ministry, Alexander Basovbeing the deputy minister of security of the state of the Republic of Lugansk, he used his position "to punish or persecute members of the society of Jehovah's Witnesses".

"Ministry of Security of the State of the LC has played a decisive role in the forced control of Russia over some areas of Lugansk and has committed serious human rights violations, "the US Treasury said, noting that the agency" uses detention practices with threats of physical violence serious or rape of prisoners who refuse to cooperate ".

How the US elections will influence anti-Russian sanctions

US Treasury, commenting on a list of resort sanctions Mriya Resort and SPAindicates that he belongs Garant-SV LLC (also fallen under penalties), whose last owner is Sberbank. Previously, the Russian bank fell under the sectoral sanctions of the United States. The concept and details of the Mriya Resort & Spa project was developed by the famous British architect Sir Norman Foster, winner of the Imperial and Pritzker awards. The construction of the complex was financed by the Sberbank and cost $ 300 million, Sberbank is the sole owner of Mriya Resort & Spa, said the director of the resort Grant Babasyan in an interview with Vedomosti. For Sberbank, this is a great social project started even before the Crimean events of 2014, Babasyan said. Sberbank declined to comment.

Inclusion in the list of sanctions of three other locations ("Ai-Petri", "Dulber", "Mishor") The US Treasury explained that these Yalta complexes "the Crimean authorities supported by Russia have taken control and illegally nationalized". These Crimean resort authorities "without the consent of the Ukrainian government" sold Infrastructure project management company (UCIP) for about $ 24 million, the ministry said. Vladimir Zaritskyincluded in the list of penalties is listed as the founder and owner of the PCIP. He is also the former commander of the Russian missile forces.

The US elections increase the risk of new sanctions against Russia

By the way "Southern Project", The US Treasury indicates that the company "is owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the Bank" Russia "and by Yuri Kovalchuk" (Kovalchuk passed under US sanctions in 2014). The sale by the Crimean government of the Novy Svet sparkling wine production plant to the Southern Project in a statement by the US ministry is called "the first major privatization of the former state-owned Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea by Russia ". RBC has sent a request to the press service of the bank "Russia".

"Krymteploelektrotsentral" in 2017, won the Russian bid for electricity supply in the territory of the Crimean peninsula, indicates the Ministry of Finance.

Previously, the introduction of these sanctions was announced by Kurt Walker, special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine.

"Finally included": the defendants and officials on the US sanctions list

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