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The National Support Program for Microenterprises and Small Businesses (Pronampe) it was created at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, in May 2020, as an emergency measure to help this category that was affected by the economic crisis that had started at that time.

O Pronampe helps entrepreneurs to obtain lines of credit from financial institutions, with lower rates of fees and easy payment.

Previously regarded as just one of the emergency measures adopted to contain the economic crisis, with the approval of Jair Bolsonaro, the program became an official credit policy in June this year.

MEI and Pronampe

The Individual Microentrepreneur (MAY) is one of the types of companies that can apply for a loan through the program, as long as it continues to meet the requirements of the category. fees they are the same for other companies included in Pronampe coverage: for micro companies, the limit value is up to 30% of the revenue recorded in the year prior to the contracting, with a maximum value of up to R$108 thousand.

If the company has been open for less than one year, the maximum amount will be up to 50% of its capital social or up to 30% of 12 times the average monthly revenue calculated since the beginning of activities.

The credit line can be paid in up to 48 monthly installments, depending on whether you are a new entrant or if you already have the Pronampe 2020, with a grace period of up to 11 months. already the fees of this round of loans is 6% per year plus the rate selic.

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For program operations, a personal guarantee from the applicant will be required. For companies with one year of operation, a personal guarantee is required in an amount equal to the loan contracted, plus charges.

In the case of companies incorporated and operating for less than a year, the personal guarantee may reach up to 150% of the contracted value, plus additions.

To learn how to make the request, check out the content created by Portal Contábeis by clicking on here.

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