Unemployment insurance, Emmanuel Macron gives the bonus-malus in the discussion


The president has created problems in negotiating the future of unemployment insurance by resuming his proposal to stem the explosion of short-term contracts for Unédic.

The social partners reaffirmed their red lines on Friday at the start of a difficult negotiation on unemployment insurance, a bit troubled by the statements of Emmanuel Macron on the bonus-malus that irritated employers of work.

At the end of September, the executive announced the color to the social partners: it would achieve between 3 and 3.9 billion euros of savings in three years. Objectives: to accelerate the return to employment, reduce precariousness and reduce unédic debt.

Ambivalent statement

One of the cornerstones of the negotiation is how to stop the explosion of short-term contracts that are expensive for Unédic. The candidate Macron had promised to impose a "Bonus Malus" penalize the companies that abuse it, a promise on which the government has only blown hot and cold.

The issue was to be discussed in the last rounds of the negotiations, which will end in mid-January. But she was invited to the table early on Friday. From Lens (Pas-de-Calais), Emmanuel Macron has reaffirmed his promise with an ambivalent statement, evoking the bonus-malus, but also discussions within the branches, a solution that has the preference of employers.

"We started it at the beginning of next year, but we start this professional discussion by professional branch, and then by company, to encourage them to change the habits in which they have sometimes been a little bit". ", he said, in response to a question at a round table.

The awkward side of the business

Employers reacted immediately. "The bonus-malus imagined by the government will destroy temporary contracts and temporary jobs without creating permanent contracts!", has tweeted the president of Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux. "Following the declaration of the President of the Republic Bonus-malus: Stop or Encore? So, negotiation # Insurance unemployment: Stop or Encore?"meanwhile, the president of CPME, François Asselin, tweeted while the negotiators were still locked in their room.

"He created a bit of enthusiasm and tended the business side", the CFDT commented. Emmanuel Macron no "It can not be, inside and out, or it leaves a time to negotiate, or notJean-François Foucard (CFE-CGC) crunched.

Unemployment insurance at two levels

The session was dedicated to "Philosophy" is "The architecture of the regime" whose funding is now partly provided through the tax (CSG) instead of social security contributions.

The discussion focused on a proposed Medef two-level unemployment insurance, with a portion of solidarity managed by the state and an insurance part managed by the social partners.

Marylise Léon (CFDT) said she did not have "No rejection in principle of a two-level system but many questions", as well as the CFE-CGC. Michel Beaugas (FO) is not so favorable, seeing a "Decline of rights".

"Not yet in the hard"

"We are not yet in difficulty" The negotiations, said Denis Gravouil (CGT), who slammed the savings. As soon as he arrived at the Unedic office, he tore up the letter from the government.

Everyone has reaffirmed their red lines. The first "The degression" indemnity, reminded the CDFT that, like all other trade unions, it does not want a reduction of rights.

The eight unions and employers will also have to examine the "Permittence"alternation between employment and unemployment that includes different schemes, such as the possibility of accumulating a part of compensation and salary. The revision of the intermittent regime is also at stake.

If it is not satisfied, the state will recover the feather

In the end, if he is not satisfied, the state will take the pen. "We are here to limit the break more than anything else", admitted Eric Courpotin (CFTC), describing "A slightly tense atmosphere".

Employer, the Medef, which is said "Connected to a jointly managed insurance and social security system", he worries about this "Hybrid system".

Trade unions and employers have already worked on a reform that has expanded compensation for further resignations and some independent electoral promises, Emmanuel Macron. The ink of this reform was barely dry, this summer, that the President of the Republic asked them to reopen the site and review all the compensation rules while the last convention came into force . just a year

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