Unexpected breakthrough in Ireland in enigmatic disappearance and murder of Giedrė Raguckaitė

In Ireland, Giedrė Raguckaitė disappeared without knowledge in 2018. in May, her searched both Irish and Kaunas County Police.

The body of the young woman has not been found so far, but the considerable amount of various data collected allowed the researchers to conclude that the last Lithuanian citizen seen alive in the settlement of Leitaunas was probably killed.

15min recalls that two Lithuanian citizens had previously been detained for the murder, but that both were soon released in the absence of clear evidence of guilt and that the investigation had stalled for a long time.

At the time, the Irish media are vulgarly reporting these days about a perhaps significant breakthrough in the case.

According to the local press, officials recently detained one Lithuanian citizen in Co Laois for completely different offenses. During his arrest in Midland Prison, he was unexpectedly questioned in the case of G. Raguckaitė’s disappearance and murder. Officials are said to have suspected the man and left him locked up for at least another 24 hours while the proceedings are pending. term.

2018-2019 The drama of G. Raguckaitė’s searches and possible murder has shocked both Irish and Lithuanian societies (see related articles). One of the most perplexing things was that individuals who saw the inhumane violence experienced by a young girl with their own eyes were named. However, witnesses allegedly fled to cooperate with law enforcement for fear of retaliation by fierce criminals.

According to unofficial Irish media reports, the suspect now detained is one of those men who had previously been brought to the attention of the police and who had to be released due to lack of evidence. By the way, another man who had escaped charges at the time is no longer alive – his suicide was recently reported.

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