Unexpected love is happiness!!! “Chin Chinawut” swinging “Lily Panthila” opens all the stories of the heart

Unexpected love is happiness!!! Chin Chinawut swings Lily Pantila opens all the stories of the heart Ready to reveal many events that almost made them apart both about Li’s sense and Shin’s neglect

Been in a relationship for more than 8 years for the couple, singer Chin Chinawut and actress Lily Pantila, both of whom always have sweet moments. But before coming to this point, it can be said that both of them held hands and changed, tuned, joined hands and crossed over what proved the word love in many ways.

When becoming a special guest on the Club Friday Show produced by CHANGE2561, Chin Chinawut took Lily Pantila to reveal her life story and reveal her love in every corner of her heart. Because I feel relieved to sit and talk and tell stories here as the first place completely. Starting from not being in a relationship with Lily, I was warned by a lot of people!!! Saying not to be with “Chin Chinawut” like a hundred people is warning a hundred voices, but because Lily likes bad guys already, Li will make Chin stop the flirting and the jealousy of Lily Panthila, who is jealous of Chin. a lot!! Called a big number because Chin was smiling at other girls. This smile of you is only mine. Don’t challenge this girl’s senses. Lily reveals she found a female chat on Shin’s phone that almost caused them to separate! Shin used to neglect Lily’s feelings until she thought that we were really lovers, right??? Chin and Lily used to fight so badly that they had a big accident that made Chin almost unable to walk!!! Follow Chin Lily’s textbook Love & Learn that makes their relationship happy and understand each other more.

A lot of people warned not to mess with Chin Chinawut ??

Lily Panthila : A lot of people. A hundred people is a hundred voices.

Luke, are we like that or are we like that???

Chin Chinawut : We used to be like that. If we don’t have a girlfriend, we talk. In the past, when I talked to anyone, I never forbidden you to talk to us alone.

And why do you like a bad boy as Spec Li?

Lily Panthila : I really like the look that looks bad boy, cool look, bad style, and that’s what I think in my heart. That one day we will make him stop flirting with our friend, investigating that Brother Chin is very flirty, Li said that? Yes, Li will make her stop flirting (smiles).

Li is often the type of person who seeks reassurance by frequently asking if she loves me or not.

Lily Panthila : It’s a lack of self-confidence. We’re not even sure of him. causing a quarrel because he will have a smile that we think that smile is mine He went shopping at a convenience store.

Chin Chinawut : Good-looking staff too

Lily Panthila : Yes, that’s right!! He asked how much. And thank you Then his face We asked why you have to be that much. You shouldn’t smile that much. your smile is mine Are you very hungry? The hour is full of numbness.

Sense!! Li’s is very strong, how is it?
Lily Panthila : There will be events that do not sense !! We are very strong, there is a signal that we are looking at the phone, Pee Chin has to see it, must see it in his head. It’s strange, we actually press to see this chat with the woman. Send me a picture of yourself, I don’t like it anymore.

Did you feel that we were far apart first?
Lily Panthila : ????

And there was a time when Li felt hurt, what happened??
Lily Panthila : He neglects our feelings so much that we feel that we are really a girlfriend or not. Why didn’t Li feel the feeling that she has for Li? We feel why it happened to our relationship. Wait, Li, like crying, do we talk or do we take different steps?

Chin Chinawut : I told you if you’re far away, stop.

Then there was a big accident.

Lily Panthila: To be honest, we argued. Pee Chin hit the mirror and he pushed us out, so we didn’t hit the mirror. Pee Chin’s leg went into the mirror.

Chin Chinawut : Then I pulled my leg away and tried to get up. Check if you can walk, it turns out that you can’t.

Lily Panthila : We were very upset at that time, we thought he would definitely break up with us. Tears flowed. I was shocked. I trembled. I told Brother Chon Li, I’m sorry.

The right to be angry, to have the right to do everything. He grabbed us in the face and said Don’t think too much, it’s not your fault, it’ll be gone soon. It didn’t hurt at all and he smiled too (wiping tears).

And there was one word that neither of them should say.

Chin Chinawut : We quarreled to move on. Because if you want to quarrel to stop, you don’t have to quarrel. Quit it, it’s a waste of time and it’s a very bad feeling, Li and I always say don’t say this word, in the end we have to sort things out.

Lily Panthila : We shouldn’t expect anything. Look at yourself a lot, think about everything, and if we want to have him in our life, we have to meet each other halfway, respect each other a lot and become happier. And we want him to be happy too. because our happiness is his happiness we want to see him happy

Chin Chinawut : Let’s start with love, if we don’t love one person enough, we won’t do this.

Open the whole life and love story of Chin Chinnawut and Lily Pantila in the Club Friday Show program on Saturday, March 25 at 11:00 a.m. on Channel One 31.

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