Unexpectedly, a Used Yamaha NMAX in 2015 only costs this much

Otomania.com – Unexpectedly, Yamaha NMAX used in 2015 the price stays like this.

Unit Yamaha NMAX the former 2015 output is now more affordable.

Because of its selling well, the used condition Yamaha NMAX is highly sought after by consumers.

The reason is, in addition to having a more powerful engine, aftermarket spare parts are also easy to find.

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What’s more, the community Yamaha NMAX 155 which continues to grow, making the used motorcycle market and modifications fertile.

In addition, the price of a used Yamaha NMAX is also suitable for those who want a gambot automatic motorbike with a limited budget.

Yep, in the used motorcycle market (motkas), the used Yamaha NMAX is already cheap.

To Yamaha NMAX output in 2015 the price is in the range of Rp. 16 million.

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