Unexpectedly, there is also garbage on Mars, astronauts try to clean it up

INDOZONE.ID – If trash is scattered in every corner in front Earththe taste is not surprising because it is human nature to leave garbage when they die.

However, it turns out that something unexpected appears from the planet Mars. Where the planet that is only visited by the astronauts turns out to also have rubbish.

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Quoted from Science Alerta Perseverance roaming robot belonging to NASA managed to record an appearance of garbage on the planet Mars which is the result of human actions there.

Traces of garbage recorded by NASA robots. (NASA)

From the image recorded by the robot, it looks like a piece of tinfoil stuck between the rocks on the red planet. Although it is not clear, NASA can confirm if the garbage is indeed trash left by humans during a visit to Mars.

Perseverance appears to have rediscovered a piece of tech equipment it had dropped last year. Ingenuity, a NASA helicopter currently on duty on Mars, has also seen the debris from the landing gear that brought it and Perseverance safely to Mars.

Until now, NASA is still investigating why the debris and susa fragments could be left behind on Mars, about two kilometers from the site of the Perseverance decline stage.

As well as finding trash among the odd rock formations, Perseverance has previously found some really cool stuff in the ancient river delta that supposedly used to provide water to the Jezero Crater.

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Maybe someday the robot explorer will find the coolest discovery, such as evidence of the existence of ancient life on the Red Planet.

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