Unheard Stories: Kemzūra and Kleiza have revealed the bronze secrets of 2010

“I was most stuck with one thing – the singing team. I don’t know if that was before. Of course, the songs are not “Song of Songs”, singers, but a kind of relaxation. Even when we went to the awards ceremony, we sang “On the Mount of the Mountain”, K. Kemzūra opened.

Meanwhile, L. Kleiza recalled the story when Juozukas (Juozas Petkevičius) fed a dot while complaining of back pain.

“When Juozukas fed the dot, I didn’t get up for the day. I missed a few workouts, I was locked up, ”said L. Kleiza with a smile.

In a conversation that lasted more than an hour, K. Kemzūra and L. Kleiza shared memories of life in the national team, an unforgettable match with Argentina, a legendary Spartan film and a celebration of bronze that lasted for several days.

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