Health Unibas, Faculty of Medicine: now aspiring rectors are studying

Unibas, Faculty of Medicine: now aspiring rectors are studying


«Medicine is a historic opportunity for the whole region and for Unibas which is a piece of the Lucanian community. It is an important challenge for everyone and we will have to do our part by creating a reliable feasibility plan, in which the needs of personnel and infrastructure are clear. In light of that, we can start ». The institution of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery is a challenge for Ignazio Mancini, director of the engineering school of the Lucanian University, professor of health and environmental engineering and candidate for the office of rector. “The establishment of a course of study is a complicated process – he explains – because it must be accredited by Anvur and for Medicine there is a need for agreements with the regional authority and hospitals for all clinical activities but it is essential a very serious consideration of this opportunity. Academic research can positively harmonize, stimulate and enrich the research carried out in the most advanced healthcare facilities and help to transfer a more qualified knowledge base to the new levers more quickly ». “The university education established in the area, especially at the highest levels, – continues the professor – can have an effect of retention of the trained specialists, provided that there are then real prospects for their insertion in the health structures. An ambitious and onerous project, a challenge that I believe the University wants to take up and to which it will be able to contribute, in a context that outlines a long-term perspective, of high quality and of financial and infrastructural sustainability. An ambitious and onerous project that must, however, be compatible with the other complex challenges that the University will have to face in the next six years and beyond. An ambitious and onerous project that we could be able to support if the funding needs mentioned above are guaranteed first. From this point of view, the start of the confrontation at ministerial and regional level seems a good start and it will be all the more clarifying the more it will be able to take into account the current situation with the future one that integrates Medicine into the University’s mission ». “A new initiative of such great significance – concludes the teacher – obviously cannot be separated from the consolidation of research and teaching initiatives that are already underway”.


«The degree course in medicine is central. There is the belief that it is an opportunity, a necessity to render a service, very felt, to the territory. To give Basilicata – the only region in Italy with the Val d ‘Aosta in which it is missing – this important tool for improving services. The problem is to do it and do it well without having to back off, without having to have uncertainties afterwards. For this, we have to understand well how to proceed and the agreement is the necessary but not sufficient condition to leave ». Having a clear path to follow: this is the indication of Ferdinando Mirizzi, director of the Department of European and Mediterranean cultures of Unibas, professor of anthropology and candidate for the office of rector of the University. «To start the degree course, the conditions underlying the agreement are needed, which have not yet been implemented as the Feasibility Plan – comments the professor – The Plan has not yet been made and Unibas has undertaken to prepare it. A precise cost plan is needed to understand if the resources are sufficient. Then, it will be necessary to establish and activate the Department of the medical health area as a management structure, according to the procedures provided by law 140 of 2019. Finally, it is necessary to face all the steps necessary for accreditation which corresponds to very specific criteria: there are aspects technicians that cannot be taken for granted ». «It is clear that there are things that do not fall within the competences of the University such as the health plan but the agreement made is an important step and we must work to do our best. You can’t start rashly. ” “There are no conditions in the University impeding the process – the professor continues – but we must build it taking into account the steps”. “My personal opinion, despite all the fears and doubts that could legitimately exist within our academic context – concludes Mirizzi – is that the operation, already at an advanced stage, must be completed by taking the situation decisively in hand, trying to turn it into its own project, with the support of the other institutions involved. If it is true that the push towards the institution of Medicine comes from outside and that there is around it a strong attention of the public opinion and of the local press organs, and if furthermore the operation is seen as necessary for a improvement and consolidation of the quality of the Lucanian health, it is also true that the degree course must be included in the university’s educational offer and serve not only the territorial needs but the development of the university, without causing imbalances with respect to other scientific areas disciplinary and other future projects »


«The degree course in Medicine and Surgery is an important course because it completes all that has been done in the University in recent years. It is a point of arrival. We started with biotechnology, with pharmacy and so there was a slow approach by our University in the biomedical sector. So, it is a completion of a path in which I have always believed since I was Dean of Sciences ». Faustino Bisaccia, director of the Department of Sciences, professor of biochemistry and candidate for the office of rector of Unibas, believes that the institution of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery is a completion of the activity carried out to date by the Lucanian University. «We only hope that this time it will be all right – adds the professor – already in 2006 there was a regional law that established a Commission, we did all the work and the institution of the degree course did not take place. Then, subsequently there was the weaving of the Cattolica. I have followed them all. I hope this time is the right time. The institution of the course, however, besides being important for the population and for the health system, is also important for research. We have basic research that stops at the cells because the Faculty of Medicine is missing. Students are forced to go outside. We have a cutting-edge research, we came second on the national Pon on health where we present ourselves with high-value publications. What is missing is a relationship with the clinical part. So there is also a real research interest in the course. The Agreement on Medicine, therefore, gives us hope because it does not come from nothing but there is a background that leads to the Faculty of Medicine. It wasn’t an impromptu invention. ” Finally, for the professor «on the degree course in Medicine and Surgery, the University of Basilicata will have to take an active position from the design point of view, albeit with other university partners. Better to partner with other universities that already have the Faculty of Medicine to start. We must carry out a degree course in quality Medicine and Surgery, trying to have the best partners. We are able to offer all the basic materials, the biological ones, the clinical ones are needed ».


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