Union Calls on Written eOne Executives to Power New UK Drama Branch

The French Entertainment Federation has appointed Entertainment One (eOne) President Paulie Williams and Written Vice President Ariel Gottlieb to lead a new division in the UK.

Williams became CEO of Federal UK while Gottlieb was appointed Creative Director, both joining the new venture as partners of the French company.

The division will develop, produce and monetize drama content for television and film, with a focus on adding female-led content to the consortium roster.

Ariel Gottlieb

A handful of projects are in development but not yet revealed, as the consortium promises to offer “flexibility” beyond the in-house production model. It will also seek opportunities for co-production, co-financing and distribution.

Expansion of the federation

The move is the latest growth for Federation, which was founded by Pascal Breton and Lionel Ozan in 2015 and raised $ 60 million for its international expansion in June.

He also underlines the growing ambitions of the company by hiring Williams and Gottlieb. The former developed a range of shows during his time at eOne, including He is running For HBO and Neil Gaiman never anywhere, It is at an advanced stage of development.

During this time, Gottlieb developed and was a screenwriter The Dublin Murders for the BBC and Starz, and also worked on ITV and Hulu Sister.

Britton, Chairman of the Consortium, said: “The UK has always been on our radar, but it was essential that we had the right kind of creative talent to guide this new operation. Polly and Ariel are dynamic CEOs with an impressive track record. who will deliver exceptional original content to the Company. We are very happy to welcome them to our “Union” network.

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Williams added, “I am delighted to partner with the wonderful Ariel on this new project. We both think Union is a very smart and exciting company. The opportunity to benefit from their European networks with fantastic British writers and directors is quite unique. . Pascal and Lionel are so inspiring and incredibly intelligent, we couldn’t be more. Wait until you start. ”

Union was behind the series, including the pulpitAnd Processing And Marseille, While Around the world in 80 days She works for France TV, ZDF and Rai as well as SBS Masterpiece and BBC.

The company’s products include Cottonwood Media, We Make, Cheyenne Federation, Mercer Productions and Empreinte Digitale in France, Entertainment Association of America in Los Angeles, Picture Perfect FederationTV and Animal Federation and Fabula Pictures in Rome. Fedent Espana and the theater team in Tel Aviv.

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