Union Tepito. They arrest the mother of El Lunares, alleged leader

Mexico City police officers detained at an address in the Tlalpan mayor’s office at Olga ‘N’, mother of Óscar Andrés, The Polka Dots, alleged leader of the criminal group The Union Tepito.

The woman was apprehended together with José ‘N’, his partner after an operation in which two search warrants were executed at homes, allegedly used to store drugs, located in the Tlalpan and Cuauhtémoc mayors.

In the property where they were detained, located in the San Andrés Totoltepec neighborhood in Tlalpan, 23 packages made in the form septum and several bags containing cocaine; two boxes with bottles of a liquid substance, apparently acetone, used to make drugs. In addition to two scales, cash; glass containers and wooden stamps; as well as three luxury vehicles.

While, in the second building located in the Obrera neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, a bag with marijuana, a laptop-type computer and a cell phone equipment were secured.

Olga ‘N’ and José ‘N’, as well as the insured, were placed at the disposal of the agent of the corresponding Public Ministry, who will determine their legal situation; meanwhile, the properties were sealed and under police custody, while the investigation files are being integrated.

November 11 Dionisio Flores ‘N’, The Niche, father of The Polka Dots, was arrested after the search to a property located in the Morelos neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, who is identified as a logistics and financial operator of the Tepito Union, a group led by his son.

One month after The Niche He was linked to proceedings for his alleged responsibility in the crimes of bribery, against health in the form of drug dealing, hypothesis of possession for commercial purposes and carrying a firearm for the exclusive use of the Army.



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