Union wants to agree: now also the last bastion against the tobacco advertising ban

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Now also the last bastion against the tobacco advertising ban

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Carsten Dierig

Politicians demand stricter e-cigarette rules

The lung diseases and deaths associated with smoking e-cigarettes continue to cause uncertainty among consumers. Now there is a hot trail for the cause.

The CDU and CSU are in favor of drafting a position paper for a comprehensive tobacco advertising ban. And not just for classic cigarettes: the restrictions should be extended to e-cigarettes in the same way.

CDU and CSU do not want to be prohibited parties. At least that's what the Union's parliamentary group in the Bundestag stresses in a recent draft of a position paper – as an introduction to the call for a ban. In the paper that WELT AM SONNTAG presents, the two parties are in favor of the complete abolition of tobacco advertising, not only for traditional smoking products but also for increasingly popular e-cigarettes.

Thus, the Union abandons the previous blockade attitude. While coalition partner SPD has long been pushing for such a ban, the Union has not been able to get away with it. But recently there were several prominent supporters from within the ranks, ranging from the responsible minister Julia Klöckner over health minister Jens Spahn to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the wind has apparently turned. "We want a 1: 1 implementation of the Tobacco Framework Convention," says the draft position entitled "Consumer and Health Protection for Tobacco Products and E-Cigarettes".

This refers to the Framework Convention FCTC of the World Health Organization WHO, which has also been ratified by Germany. It obliges the consenting countries to establish a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising within their respective constitutional possibilities.

Next comes advertising ban on alcohol and sugar?

Among other things, a ban on outdoor advertising from 2022 onwards is planned, as well as an extension of the cinema advertising ban to all films for under-18s from the year 2021 and, in addition, for the free distribution of cigarettes and tobacco outside the shops of the specialized trade , also from 2021. Free actions in pubs would therefore no longer be possible in the future. On the other hand, advertising in and outside specialist shops, sponsoring of national events and the free distribution of cigars and cigarillos are permitted.

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"Herewith we create clear conditions," it says in the four-page document, on the basis of which "after a corresponding agreement with the coalition partners, a bill is to be worked out and introduced into the Bundestag."

But there is criticism from their own ranks. The Thuringian CDU deputy Albert Weiler advertises in a letter that WELT AM SONNTAG, in his group for support against the proposed ban. "We should not give up our regulatory principle that a legal product may also be legally advertised," Weiler said, along with the question of whether advertising bans on sugar, alcohol, fats and diesel will come next. Individual parties would already deal with it. "With what argument do we want to reject such absurd suggestions in the future?"

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However, the position paper refers to the specificity of tobacco products. "They are fundamentally different from other legally advertised products. They contain hundreds of toxic and carcinogenic substances. "

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