United ‘beat’ China, Britain sends 2 warships to Asia

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaEnglish announced that it would deploy two of its advanced warships to Asian waters. This step was taken to join the fighter fleets of the United States (US) and Japan to curb China’s territorial expansion.

Quotes Reuters, the kingdom will send directly the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and an escort ship to the land of Sakura. Later the two ships will dock with the US fighter fleet at the Yokosuka military base.

“Following the initial deployment of the strike group, the UK will permanently deploy two ships in the region from the end of this year,” British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a joint announcement in Tokyo with his Japanese counterpart, Nobuo Kishi, Wednesday (21/7/2021). .

Even so, this British fighter fleet will not be fully settled in Yokosuka. The fleet will move around on its mission in the region.

Later the ship that will carry the F-35B stealth jet will be accompanied by two destroyers, two frigates and two support ships. The escort fleet itself comes from the US and the Netherlands.

“British ships will not have permanent bases,” said a spokesman for the British embassy in Tokyo.

Regarding the route, HMS Queen Elizabeth and her bodyguard are rumored to be going through the South China Sea (SCS). The ship will stop in India, Singapore and South Korea.

Relations between Japan and China are currently heating up. The two countries are involved in a dispute over an archipelago in the East China Sea.

The islands are claimed by Beijing as the Diaoyu. Meanwhile, Tokyo said that the islands belonged to him and were known as the Senkaku.

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Meanwhile the US and other western countries support Japan’s claims regarding these waters. Several months ago, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said China had been the ‘root cause’ of Asian tensions by often acting aggressively and repressively in several disputed areas.

“(China) is acting more repressively at home and more aggressively abroad. Including in the East China Sea, matters relating to the Senkaku (islands contested by China-Japan), the South China Sea and also in relation to Taiwan,” he said.

There has been no further comment from China on this matter.

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