United Kingdom, 5 years in prison for the serial killer of Brighton cats: he stabbed sixteen of them “without reason and with cruelty”

Heavy 5-year prison sentence in the UK for Steven Bouquet, a private security officer dubbed “the Brighton cat killer” by British media for stabbing 16 cats in the seaside town in the south of England between 2018 and 2019: killing nine and wounding seven. The rigors of the ad hoc law approved in recent years on the island to punish the unjustified mistreatment of animals have taken against him.

The sentence was handed down before the Chichester Crown Court by Judge Jeremy Gold, who explained that he had sentenced 3 months in prison to the impassive bald-headed defendant for the unjustified possession of a knife identified as a weapon capable of offending; and the rest of the penalty for the brutalities perpetrated on the animals.

At the hearing, the testimonies of several owners of the cats targeted by Bouquet were collected: usually pets caught in the gardens or in the vicinity of some houses in Brighton. The judge underlined the “cruelty” exhibited for no reason by the security guard towards his four-legged victims and the suffering caused to the people “whose families cared about the life” of those cats.

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