United Kingdom: foreigners deprived of a European vote?


Voters who do not have British nationality could not have voted on Thursday, May 23 in the polls for the European elections.

The British voted for the European elections on Thursday 23 May. But, as reported by the Huffington Post, some sobs must be deplored because some foreign voters say they can't vote. second The Guardian, which has collected several testimonies, several hundred European voters who do not have British nationality could not have made their voices heard. Some would have had their names deleted on the voter lists or others would not have received the documents that would allow them to register on these lists. The Guardian claims to have received more than 500 complaints from European citizens.

Elected officials reacted strongly, some said " dismayed ". Quoted from the Huffington Post, a Labor Party official says" it is heartbreaking to see so many European Union citizens stripped of their voting rights – even though most were registered to vote in local elections a few weeks ago ". The British office of the European Parliament reacted during the day, explaining that the citizens who had returned the forms before 7 May and who had received their electoral card could go to the polls until 10:00 pm.

Even the British electoral commission reacted in a statement, claiming to understand " the frustration of European citizens residing in the United Kingdom who discovered they could not vote when they wantedis ". Admit that there was a problem with the process of transmitting the right to vote from the country of origin to the country of residence, which " it had to be simplified The Committee recalls that it faced a very short deadline. In the absence of a Brexit agreement, the United Kingdom participates in these elections, which was an unexpected scenario.



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