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In Moscow, a two-day congress of "United Russia" was concluded. Addressing the delegates, Vladimir Putin asked to work for the results, and not to stagnate, and not to allow arrogance and rudeness. After discussing the code of conduct, it was decided to establish a party ethics committee. According to observers, this desire for updating will help the EP make easy re-branding, and "a number of party members will remain without party cards".

On Saturday, the 18th Congress of "United Russia" ended. His climax was a speech before the delegates of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In his speech, he noted that "united Russia", as the main political force, has increased responsibility for the historical fate of people and the well-being of citizens.

"We need to understand this, recognize and act as a single team, based on common goals and common goals," Putin said.

He stressed that the party played a special role in strengthening the sovereignty of the country, in the development of the economy and in the implementation of revolutionary projects. "For many years the party has demonstrated its feasibility, the ability to make responsible decisions, explain these decisions to people and then go to the polls and convince the voter that the decisions taken earlier are correct, and the way in which we have outlined is only true, "- said the president.

According to him, the leadership of the European Parliament should not consist in promising a godsend, but in making responsible and necessary decisions for the country. At the same time, the party should carefully monitor ethical behavior: there should be no rudeness and arrogance at any level.

"Of course, there are those who behave indecently, I ask you to follow him in the most careful way, to not allow any rudeness, arrogance, contempt for people

at any level, "Putin said.

According to him, such behavior is harmful to the country and unfair to people. "It simply lowers the lot under the skirting board," he stressed. – You know how high the citizens' demand for justice and honesty is today. And to meet these requirements, we must not get rid of people with general observations, but we must listen to them and listen to them, be with them ".

Furthermore, the President urged the delegates to work on the stability of the EP authority and to hold open competitions for the managerial staff. He noted that many young people recently came to the party. "Here, of course, I would recommend opening open competitions for the training of senior staff who already work in the country, especially because members of United Russia actively participate in these processes," Putin said.

At the same time, the president called on United Russia to work for the result, not to stagnate. "Everyone needs to work in full force, take active action, be on, do not be afraid of responsibility, work for the result for the common cause," Putin said.

He stressed that from the implementation of party projects, people should feel and understand that members and party supporters are not afraid of change and seek changes for the better.

Earlier, during the plenary session, the party president, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, declared the need for feedback in the work of the party. "As part of the renewal, the party should become more open, more transparent, so it is necessary to create feedback mechanisms, assessments of our activities with you," said Medvedev.

He urged the compilation of the evaluations on the effectiveness of the Members, to evaluate the work of the regional offices, to encourage the primary departments that promote socially important projects in the regions.

According to him, the outgoing year has passed for United Russia. "The party has supported very complex changes in the pension system, I did what a mature political force had to do, and directly and honestly explained its position and claimed responsibility for an unpopular but necessary decision," Medvedev recalled.

During the second day of the congress, a forum was held in the format of discussion platforms "Economic growth", "Quality of life", "Urban environment and clean country", "Rural development". In particular, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov promised that the tax burden in the country will not increase over the next six years. And the first vice president of the state Duma, Alexander Zhukov, said that in Russia there are enough mechanisms to make national projects the most effective mechanism to improve people's quality of life. In turn, Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev approved the idea of ​​creating the Federal Agency for Rural Development.

The congress decided to establish an ethical commission of the federal party and approved its composition. This will be the central body of the party, its members will be elected by the congress for five years.

Another event of the day was the rotation of the High Council, former head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov, former governor of the Vladimir Svetlana Orlova region, chairman of the Duma Culture Committee Elena Yampolskaya and a number of other officials, for a total of 15 people, he left. In their place came 14 new arrivals, in particular the governors of the regions of Samara, Kaluga, Kirov, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Ryazan. Therefore, the rotation was 16%.

The day before, on the first day of the congress, discussions were held in the venues – "Renewal", "Opening" and "Leadership". The participants and delegates summarized the results of the pre-Congress regional discussions "Update-2018", proposals to approve the ideological preamble of the party statutes, ethical standards for the members of the UR, create an ethics commission, introduce subsidies for socially significant projects of the "primary organizations" of the party.

Member of the Council of Experts of the Institute of Expert Social Research, Oleg Matveychev, in a conversation with the VIEW newspaper, has defined the main event of the congress the decision to adopt an ethical code of ethics, as well as a speech by Putin , who urged people not to be rude. "In addition to these words (of the president), this is contained in a certain code, which will be communicated to everyone and, consequently, will be very difficult to ask.This is a further reminder for everyone on how to behave," said Matveychev.

Therefore, the congress took place under the motto of high quality moral cleansing. The expert recalled that in its history, the EP has experienced several updates of this kind. Firstly, the party got rid of those who had criminal records, and then from those who did not declare ownership and hid their foreign affairs. "Those people who did not want to be freed from property left at least the ranks of deputies, and to a large extent ruling and other bodies in the party," recalled the expert.

According to him, young people came to abandoned places, not associated with business, but to social work. "A code has now been adopted on the basis of people's direct behavior, public statements, modest or indiscriminate behavior, participation in various scandals, and will now also be punished for these matters.The Ethics Committee will receive more authority. members of the group will soon remain without party tickets ", predicts Oleg Matveychev.

In turn, another member of EISI, a member of the Public Chamber, Konstantin Komkov, noted in particular the creation of the Civilian Support Center (CPIC) and the intention of the United Russia to develop actively work with non-profit organizations (NPOs). "I am impressed as a member of the Public House, in the last few years public councils have been created for United Russia party projects, that is, not party members, but opinion leaders may be involved in party projects. this support element, which was designated at the congress, is a positive practice, "Komkov noted in an interview with the VIEW newspaper.

CPGI was presented Saturday by the project coordinator, deputy of the State Duma Sergei Boyarsky. According to him, the project is organized on the basis of PE supporters and is already working on the implementation of 200 applications. Some citizens have even had time to contribute to the implementation of their initiatives. "We want to become real, in a good way, lobbyists for the interests of civil society, so that every public person or NGO representative knows that the shortest way to implement a good idea lies with the Center for the support of civil initiatives and the Party. United Russia, "said Boyarsky.

Komkov welcomed the decision of the delegates to create a party university, which the deputy secretary of the General Council of the party, Olga Batalin, told in detail on the first day of the congress. "Examples of large Soviet party schools are justified.You need to learn work and interaction.We will note the intention to use modern digital technologies more actively in structures for party members. , it will be a good experience, it will be beautiful even at the global party level ", considers the EISI expert.

Speaking of the speeches of the President and Prime Minister, Komkov stressed that today the most popular slogan is: listening and working for people. "What the president and president of the party have designated is, of course, to eradicate all these moments when the actions of one of the party members, particularly a deputy or an official, can discredit the EP, so this must be regulated within the workshop, within the party itself.What was discussed between the experts and the community on the code of ethics, in my opinion, this situation is justified and will allow rebalancing the party in this phase ", concluded Konstantin Komkov.


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