United States decides to stop production of Toyota Yaris R

Production of the Toyota Yaris R could come to an end, clearing the way for the new generation of the Yaris and Corolla

Everything that begins ends and now apparently it is the turn of one of the autosof Toyota with less fortune in the number of sales.

Its about Toyota Yaris R, a car that managed to sell only 1,122 units in Mexico during 2019, according to the portal Motorpasión. In the United States, his luck is no different, since the number of sales did not favor him, and it is for this reason that the US subsidiary of Toyota decided to discontinue its production.

Toyota Yaris R.
Credit: Courtesy Toyota.

According to a report published by CarBuzz, the Toyota Yaris R It will cease to be produced for the United States this June, both in sedan bodywork and hatchback. The units that are in stock will be sold the rest of the year as a 2020 model, but everything seems to indicate that there will be no 2021 model.

What is known so far is that for Mexico and other Latin American markets its production will be maintained, although it is most likely only for a limited time. Among the main factors that could favor the disappearance of the Yaris R, are the recent renovation of the Yaris imported from Thailand and the weight Toyota has given to the new generation of Corolla.

Toyota Yaris R.
Credit: Courtesy Toyota.

Currently in Mexico the Yaris R is limited to a single version with a price of $ 295,300 pesos.

It should be noted that the Yaris R is not an own development of Toyota, but of MazdaThat is, a Mazda 2 Sedan dressed by Toyota and manufactured in the same plant in Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico, after the agreement signed by both brands in 2014. Both vehicles share practically all the components, except for some parts that differentiate their design.


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