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Donald Trump does not like critics. Especially when they come from individuals who have worked with him for a while. The rude expressions of Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State, did not satisfy the current White House tenant. He did not in the nuance and openly insulted Friday, his former head of diplomacy. If the president of the United States is known for his mocking remarks to his adversaries and relatives who have fallen into disgrace, this violent challenge to a man who has held one of the central positions of his administration is unprecedented in modern American political history.

"Mike Pompeo does a fantastic job, I'm very proud of him," he tweeted. "His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, did not have the mental skills he needed, he was as stupid as his feet and I would have to leave earlier," he added. "He was lazy like nothing," he wrote again, referring to the former CEO of the ExxonMobil oil group. The contrast could not be more pronounced with the tweet sent two years ago to announce the appointment of what he called "one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world".

Sharp criticism of Rex Tillerson

The head of diplomacy occupies a central position in the American administration: he is responsible for some 70,000 diplomats, public servants and contractors, and pilots 250 embassies and consulates all over the world. Purpose of the presidential ire? An interview with the CBS of the former secretary of state, who was, from his brutal dismissal in March, remained extremely discreet. "I had difficulty coming to ExxonMobil, disciplined and very process oriented, working for a rather unruly man, who does not like reading, who does not read the reports, who I do not like to go into details, but rather to say" This it's what I believe in ", he explained.

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"I had to tell him," Mr. President, I understand what you want to do but you can not do it that way, break a law, violate a treaty ". the Texan still had the cavernous voice. From the moment they worked "together", the differences of opinion between the two men were known on several key issues, from the climate to Iran.

A complicated relationship

And the Republican billionaire has never facilitated the task of his secretary of state. First of all, depriving him of the iconic Israeli-Palestinian disc, entrusted to his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Thus multiplying the disengagement decisions of the multilateral scene. At the end of 2017, the impetuous president had even rarely publicly rejected the head of diplomacy for evoking the existence of communication channels designed to probe North Korea's intentions. "He's wasting time negotiating," he wrote on Twitter. "Keep your Rex energy, we will do what we have to do."

The case had taken a personal turn when NBC News television reported that Rex Tillerson, at the end of a Pentagon meeting, described the president as a "deficient". This incident forced the secretary of state to speak to assert his public support and his "commitment to success" of the White House tenant. For Aaron David Miller, a former diplomat and negotiator in various democratic administrations such as the Republicans, the question now is whether Rex Tillerson, insulted on Twitter by the White House tenant, "will begin to tell everything". "I've never met him, but I doubt it …", he added on Twitter.


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