United States military would have secretly left Colombia

The media said that the uniformed men who were on Colombian soil since May 27, 2020, carrying out training tasks, they left the national territory in the middle of secrecy, despite the fact that the Defense Minister had said at the time that they would last 4 months.

However, your replacement would be the same number of military that according Snail News, They will carry out advisory missions in medical evacuation, decision-making, personnel evaluation, among others.

In addition, it was said that the outsiders will work with members of the joint task forces Hercules, Vulcano, Omega and anti-drug brigades.

The newscast referenced military sources for its scoop and asked several questions about it, such as why Iván Duque, president of Colombia, did not tell the country about this situation and why the displacement of these troops was carried out practically on the sly.

The revelation coincided with the Fall of the ruling that prohibited foreign military activities on Colombian soil.


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