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Chicago. Nearly 400 priests and ecclesiastical personnel from Illinois, in United States, were accused of child sexual abuse, according to a report presented by lawyers on Wednesday who represented the victims and who wish to reveal "identity and information hidden by the bishops".

According to a press conference, the lawyer Mark Pearlman, is the first time that a complete list is compiled with 185 background pages and work histories of 395 defendants.

The information was extracted from the preliminary data obtained in a survey conducted last year by the then Attorney General of Illinois, Lisa Madigan, where 690 "credible" reports were analyzed in the Archdiocese of Chicago and in the dioceses of Belleville, Joliet, Peoria, Rockfort and Springfield, all in Illinois.

The investigation found that the problem of sexual abuse of children committed by priests was "much more extensive" than that reported by the dioceses of Illinois, who "fired and did not investigate survivor reports," Pearlman said.

"The figures reveal the horrific scale of priests who sexually assault minors to date," the report said, entitled The Anderson Report.

"Perhaps the most shocking finding of the findings is that some offenders were intentionally transferred and detained to positions of trust with direct access to children, even after it became known that they sexually abused children," he adds.

The report estimates that there could be hundreds of other alleged sexual predators within the dioceses and religious orders of Illinois, whose identities have never been publicly disclosed, so "the struggle for information and names" of those people continues.

In a statement on the report, the Archdiocese of Chicago stated that the report mixes men of people who have been accused, but can be innocent, with those who have confirmed accusations, but refer to them all as authors.

In the list released today, 22 priests have been identified on the website of the Archdiocese, of which 20 were reported to the civil authorities at the time, the name of another was recently known and the another case corresponds to an alleged transgression committed with a major, and not a minor.

According to the archdiocese, many of the names that appear in the list correspond to priests belonging to religious orders, entities which, he assures, are governed separately in the Catholic Church and each group is responsible for its chain of command, they indicate.

John O & # 39; Malley, special adviser of the Archdiocese of Chicago on misconduct problems, told local media on Wednesday that the church reported all allegations to the police since 1992, when Cardinal Joseph was then Bernardin directed a commission on the abuse scandal.

"If the public authorities decide not to prosecute, or cannot prosecute, then we have our own investigation process," said Malley.

According to the consultant, the archdiocese has published the registered complaints and the description of the cases since 2006 on its website.

Attorney General Madigan's successor, Kwame Raoul, stated before taking office in January that he was busy continuing the investigation, but his office did not publish more information about the complaints.

Source: EFE



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