United States President Trump Iran: "The revolutionary guards are a terrorist organization"


For the first time, the United States officially classifies another country's army as a terrorist organization. US President Trump said the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are a terrorist organization for Washington.

The US government has officially classified the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a foreign terrorist organization. President Donald Trump announced this in a message released by the White House.

The classification sends a clear message to the Tehran government "that their support for terrorists has serious consequences". It takes into consideration the fact that the guards "actively" operated, promoted and financed terrorism as a "state policy tool", according to Trump. Also the elite unit of the Revolutionary Guards, the Al-Kuds Brigades, are involved.

Revolutionary guards on the black list

Trump said it was the "first time" that the Revolutionary Guard landed a "part of a foreign government" on the blacklist. Iran is seen by the United States as the greatest promoter of international terrorism.

The classification is accompanied by sanctions and the freezing of potential assets of the Guard in the territory of the United States. Furthermore, US companies are prohibited from doing business with the Guard or otherwise supporting them.

The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are the elite unit of armed forces in Iran and far more important than the classical army. They were founded after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran to protect the clerical government, but they are also active outside the country. Furthermore, the Garden has accumulated considerable economic power over the decades.

Tehran warns, Netanyahu thanks

As a first reaction, Iran, for its part, has declared the United States "the sponsor of the state of terrorism". State media reported. IRGC commander Mohammed Ali Dschafari had warned Washington against the move early this weekend. "If the Americans really do such stupidity and put our national security at risk, then we will take an operational action against them," the Tasnim news agency quoted.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the US decision. He said that Trump had fulfilled one of his requests. It is in the interest of Israel and the United States and in the interest of other countries in the region. Netanyahu thanked his "dear friend Donald Trump". The step of the US government took place a day before the general elections in Israel.

60 groups are considered terrorist organizations

The State Department currently classifies 60 groups as "foreign terrorist organizations", including al-Qaeda and the "Islamic State" terrorist militia and their allies. But none of these organizations is a state army.

After US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced this assessment in consultation with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, the US Congress will have seven days to review it. If there are no objections, it takes effect.

Deutschlandfunk reported on April 8, 2019 at 17:00 on this subject.

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