Unity talked about support for Google Stadia cloud games


During the GDC 2019 game developers' conference, Google introduced the ambitious streaming streaming service Stadia, on which we are starting to learn the details gradually. In particular, Unity, represented by the main engineer Nick Rapp, decided to tell her that he would add official support for the Stadia platform to his popular game engine.

For example, when creating Stadia games developers will be able to use all the usual tools today like Visual Studio, Renderdoc, Radeon Graphics Profiler. At the same time, Unity will acquire support for all the unique Stadia features (cross-platform enhancement, ability to call the Google Assistant within the game, the ability to direct the player to a specific part of the game via Sharing of the state and so on) and the official process of publishing games for the Google streaming platform. Unity will talk more about this later.

Google has already started collaborating with numerous partners and studios through the previous version of Stadia SDK and will continue to involve developers throughout 2019. Regular unit developers can count on access to the Stadia features until the end of the # 39; year. Existing games can be brought to Stadia, but must be updated to the latest Unity version.

Google Stadia will rely on the Vulkan low-level graphics API and its own Linux-based operating system, so developers should keep that in mind. Unity for Stadia will also develop around IL2CPP scripting technology, so the game code must be compatible.

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