Unity Unveils New 4K Tech Demo, ‘Lion’ Running on PS5

At SiGGraph 2022, Unity has released a new real-time tech demo video.

Unity’s new live tech demo is called Lion and is said to have been created with artist tools such as Weta Digital, SpeedTree, Ziva, SyncSketch and the Unity Editor.

It is known that Unity’s tech demo revealed this time is a real-time rendering tech demo and fur rendering made with Weta Digital’s new Wig hair and fur tools. I mentioned that it would shorten it to me. He introduced that the work that used to take several weeks can be shortened from a few days to a day, and can be produced with much better quality.

In particular, he said that the improvements in the existing Unity were updated to be able to render new fur strands that move independently as part of the new hair system.

On the other hand, this tech demo is also attracting attention as it was run at 4K 30 frames on PS5 rather than PC.

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