Unity’s Brett Bibby believes the Xbox Series S is “an extremely capable machine”

Not long ago since the launch of the new consoles of Microsoft To be able to compete in the new generation of hardware, on the one hand, we have the incredibly powerful Xbox Series X and on the other, we have the economic and just as impressive Xbox Series S with very different approaches and objectives.

Thanks to information from gamingbolt, Brett Bibby who is a product manager at Unity He has given his opinion on Microsoft’s smallest console and is very favorable.

It is important to remember that most people do not have a screen that is 4K 120Hz.

It’s important to remember that the S is an extremely capable machine, because those hardware differences focus on delivering a similar experience at a lower resolution.

That’s a really smart approach, the device has ray tracing, an SSD, nominally the same CPU as a Series X.

The only thing it lacks is the power to run at 4K, which is simply not always necessary.

Xbox Series S is an amazing machine

Let’s remember that Unity is one of the most used engines in the development of new projects, in addition to that and as you can see, Brett reminds us of some very interesting points, for example the fact that, in fact, few are actually able to Taking full advantage of Xbox Series X, he even thinks it is fantastic that Series S has support for ray tracing or the inclusion of an SSD similar to that of its older brother.

Brett shares the already somewhat widespread opinion that this new generation of hardware will allow developers to explore the realm of physics and new ways to play, and believes that we will not see a great graphic leap in these years, with this in mind, Xbox Series S is fully capable of displaying those trailers without worrying about much graphics.

Xbox Series S was released on November 10 with Series X and it is one of Microsoft’s great bets for this new generation that we are beginning. We recommend you keep an eye on Generation Xbox for more news.

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