University of Houston-Downtown Offers Free Home Classes for Coronavirus | Video | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

exercise sessions by


claudia: the department of

sports and gyms of the

university of houston downtown

is offering classes of

exercise online.

stay active and

exercise during this

instance at home is sum


not only to calm the

anxiety but to strengthen

the body, and something that helps

immune system. the

find virtual classes

on the web page on screen.

are for all people

interested, this is the

calendar for this week of

April 6-10. and classes of

sum, pilates, yoga, between


classes are from Monday to

Friday, each one has a

instructor who guides you in all

the routines. the information

about classes of finds

on your instagram account.

they’re free just

need to download so

free zoom platform.

we should take care of our

health at home.

do not overeat and do not leave

of being active.

reporter: ortiz says that

ideal is to reduce portions and

create a meal plan

to take care of what you eat in

these days.

are some of the ways

to help you keep up with

energy in these days.

you will find these classes in

the internet portal of the

university of houston news.

also in your account


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