Univision presents its first openly pansexual soap opera hunk

Miami, Aug 31 (EFE News) .- Univision broadcasts the first telenovela with a “pansexual” heartthrob: Reynaldo Gianecchini. The Brazilian actor, one of the protagonists of “Dulce ambición”, said in an interview with Efe that he is “very aware” of the impact that having spoken publicly about his sexuality has had.

“I have never wanted to raise any flag. I believe in the freedom to be whatever each person wants to be. I believe that we all have many facets within and that sexuality reflects that a lot. I am not afraid to look at what is beyond. I fit in no definition, ”Gianecchini said during a video call.

“People love to pigeonhole me. They say I’m gay, but I don’t consider myself that. I consider myself everything at the same time. If you have to have a word for me, then it is ‘pan’ (pansexual), because ‘pan’ is everything, “he stressed.

Although he had already finished filming “Dulce ambición”, which in Brazil carried the title “A Dona do Pedaço”, the 47-year-old actor recognizes the impact that his decision to open the door to his sexuality has had, since he gave a interview about it in September 2019.

“We are in a very important time to break down various negative things such as racism, homophobia, with the ways that prevent people from being the way they are, not being judged or discriminated against, not having their own space because they are different from the majority. ”, He declared.

“If I have any struggle, it is that of freedom,” he said.


In that sense, it is clear that the fact of being one of the most important gallants of Brazilian television has given his decision a special dimension.

It was the reason why he decided to open the door to his intimate life, after keeping it firmly closed after his divorce from the journalist Marília Gabriela, with whom he was married between 1998 and 2006.

“I think the role of the artist is also to communicate in a way that can help society. I think it is very important, ”he said.

Gianecchini made his acting debut in 2000, when he played the young medical student Edu, in the iconic telenovela “Lazos de familia”.

He is not a man to look back much. The cancer he suffered in 2011 – the same cancer that took his father’s life – left him anchored in the present. Even so, he acknowledges that when he has come across a chapter on television, he “despairs.”

“Sometimes I wish I could go back to playing Edu with all the acting experience I have now. Some scenes were terrible, “he said, although he acknowledged that” innocence “was part of what fell in love with the character.

Later came great productions such as “The color of sin”, “Belissíma”, “Secret truths” and “The law of love”.


The last soap opera he did before the pandemic was precisely “Sweet ambition.” His role as Regis is seemingly simple, a fairly typical villain, but he ends up showing unexpected complexity throughout the story.

“I really like that author, Walcyr Carrasco (the screenwriter of ´Dulce ambición”), because generally his characters are never just one thing, but they have everything inside them. My character changes a lot. He starts out wanting to take advantage of a woman who she is wonderful, charming and inspiring to many people, “he commented.

“So he starts to get inspired as well and the big question around him is if he’s going to meet his goal,” he revealed.

He is talking about the expert pastry chef María de la Paz (Juliana Paes), the main protagonist of the telenovela, who has incorporated controversial stories such as the mother-daughter rivalry, a love upset by family wars or a gay man who pretends to be heterosexual.

Also a transgender woman determined to show that she can lead a “normal” life, the effect of infidelities on a marriage, obsession and multiple financial crimes and murders.

For Gianecchini, the success of “Dulce Ambición” is an accolade to the way telenovelas are made in Brazil.

“There are people who say that this type of novel is going to end, because it is something very long, complicated, with many chapters. And yes, it is crazy to continue doing them in front of today’s series, which by being shorter give the opportunity to take more care of the details to make them with quality ”, he said.

However, the actor is convinced that “it is a mistake because people in Brazil, in Latin America, have a soap opera culture, are used to that type of style,” he said.

Although he affirmed that the quality in Brazil in this type of production is of the highest level, “the genre is being reformulated.”

Gianecchini gave exactly “Sweet ambition” as an example, since it is a telenovela “that has the format of the old, long ones and with heroes and villains, but it also brings something very pop in the visual language”.

“I think that is the secret of keeping the novel current, accompanying it with a modern and updated visual language,” he closed.

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