Unprecedented offer from UAE and Saudi Arabia: Let’s give 3.7 billion dollars and buy it to us

The Saudi Arabian and Qatari joint investment fund was the largest bidder for Liverpool, which was put up for sale.

The most serious offer to Fenway Sports Group, which put Liverpool up for sale, came from the Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint consortium.

According to the news of David Lynch from Sporting News; The Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint consortium submitted an initial bid of 3.75 million euros for Liverpool. It was stated that the consortium is also related to their own states.

While it was stated that there was a political crisis between the two countries before 2021, it was noted that the two countries established strong commercial ties as of 2021. It was underlined that the acquisition of Liverpool by funds close to the administrations of the two countries would be considered a sign of more trust and cooperation between the administrations.

Could be the most expensive sale in history

If Liverpool is sold for 3.75 billion euros, it will be the most expensive sale in Premier League history.

The previous holder of this record belonged to Chelsea with 3.2 billion euros.

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