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Sports Observatory: The sports journalist, “Mohamed Al-Bakiri”, published a video clip of the Al-Ittihad and Al-Batin match, during which the fans appeared to cheer against the Moroccan “Abdul-Razzaq Hamdallah”, indicating that the director had indirectly abused by showing the Al-Ittihad fans as if they were the ones cheering against Hamdallah and not the fans of the opposing team.

Commenting on the video, Al-Bakiri said: “Mansina… unprofessional behavior by (the director) of the Al-Ittihad Al-Batin match, in an indirect insult. By showing the yellow lovers’ stand as if he was chanting against his player, Hamdallah!! and not the competitor’s stand.”

He added: “It is not appropriate for a broadcast channel.. and I am more surprised by the administrative silence to this day.. without any position on such transgressions?”

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