Unproven Bambang Pamungkas’s Child, Court Rejects Amalia Fujiawati’s Lawsuit

Suara.com – The panel of judges at the South Jakarta Religious Court rejected the lawsuit for the legalization of the child’s origin Amalia Fujiawati against former footballers Bambang Pamungkas.

“So, the plaintiff’s lawsuit (Amalia Fujiawati) regarding the legalization of the origin of the child and the child’s livelihood was rejected by the panel of judges of the South Jakarta Religious Court,” said Public Relations of the South Jakarta Religious Court, Taslimah, met at her office some time ago.

Amalia Fujiawati [Instagram]

Taslimah explained that the lawsuit was rejected following the unproven marriage between Amalia Fujiawati and Bambang Pamungkas. There is evidence that confirms that Amalia is married to another man, namely Bambang bin Aripin.

The evidence is in the form of a copy of the isbat decision issued by the Soreang Religious Court on January 28, 2020.

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“So it is not proven that Amalia Fujiawati bint Drs Arifmanredjo’s marriage with Bambang Pamungkas bin H Misranto,” said Taslimah.

Amalia Fujiawati [Instagram/@yuniamalia]
Amalia Fujiawati [Instagram/@yuniamalia]

“The child was not proven to be a child of both parties. So the lawsuit on the origin of the child and child support was rejected by the panel of judges,” he added.

Amalia Fujiawati previously admitted that she had been married in an unregistered manner with Bambang Pamungkas and had two children from this marriage. In order to fight for the rights of her children, in mid-March 2021, Amalia sued Bambang Pamungkas to the South Jakarta PA.

Meanwhile, Bambang Pamungkas, represented by his lawyer, has so far denied all of Amalia’s arguments.

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