World Unpublished images of the Tasmanian tiger extinct since 1936...

Unpublished images of the Tasmanian tiger extinct since 1936 released

Funpublished images of the last tiger TasmThenia known, a species that went into extinction in 1936, after the death of this animal, in the zoo of Hobart Beaumaris, in Australia.

The images, captured on a clip video, were filmed a year earlier, in March 1935, more than 85 years ago, and now released by the Australian National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA).

In the short video, of only 21 seconds, it is possible to Benjamin (name of the tiger) in his cage, in the same zoo. The images were shot on âscope from a documentary called ‘Tasmania The Wonderland’ and now appear digitized and restored.

They were only captured a few months before the animal died.

The tigers of TasmThenia they were carnivorous marsupials that resembled a cross between the wolf, the fox and the tiger. They hunted kangaroos and other marsupials, as well as rodents or small birds, according to the CNN.

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