Unpublished photos of Mars: from a squirrel to a spoon – News

NASA published the strangest images of Mars and sparked theories about what might exist on the red planet, although many times they are simply optical illusions that make science fiction lovers think.

The face on Mars

In 1976, Nasa’s Viking 1 probe captured in the Cydonia region a “large rock formation that resembles a human head made up of shadows that give the illusion of eyes, nose, and mouth,” according to NASA.

Many believe that it is a monument of a Martian civilization. It is 1.5 meters high and the logical explanation is that it is a hill.

A lost spoon

The image was taken by the NASA Curiosity rover and if it is not a spoon it is a rock with its shape. In each person is the pleasure of choosing which of the two options is the logic.

A light in the distance

In 2016 Curiosity took a picture of one of the planet’s craters, the Waypoint Kimberley. But immediately something strange came up. A strange light was visible in the distance. Many believed it to be from the Martian civilization. Others say the light was produced by a cosmic ray that created a visual effect in the photograph.

Gold on Mars?

Curiosity found a shiny rock in November 2018, in the mountainous Vera Rubin area. Scientists say it is a nickel-iron meteorite. The Curiosity had already photographed a large metallic meteorite in 2015 and a small one similar to the one that looks like gold in 2016.

Fossilized blueberries

In 2004, NASA’s Opportunity rover explored an area in Meridiani Planum where the surface was covered in gray stones exactly like blueberries.

Steve Squyres, a member of the Mars Exploration Team, said the balls were 60 centimeters in diameter. In this 2020, the discussion among scientists continues.

Human bone

There are not many options. Or it is the bone of a human thigh or a stone.

A squirrel

On September 28, 2012, Curiosity photographed a group of dark rocks called Rocknest. But they immediately noticed a Martian squirrel. The “lighter colored upper and lower eyelids, nose and cheek areas, ear, foreleg and stomach” clearly visible.

A plastic container

Curiosity found an apparent plastic wrap. NASA later said that it was indeed that, but that it came from a cable from a satellite.

An assyrian statue

A photo taken by Opportunity in 2010 in the Concepcion crater showed an ancient Mesopotamian sculpture of the Neo-Assyrian god Nabu.

A woman on Mars

The NASA rover Spirit captured the image of this woman inside the Gusev Crater on September 5, 2007. The explanation was immediately “it is a rock”. Is it a rock or a woman? Another woman was photographed by Curiosity in 2015.


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