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Affects chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, especially persons of the debtors, however, one-third of patients are non-smokers… this puzzle have contributed to clarify a major study funded by the public treasury of the United States.

Have concluded the study, published the journal “gamma” flag indicates that this chronic disease may be linked to the small size of the airway caused by the lack of weakness in their growth.

Includes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the fourth most cause of death in the United States.

This disease gradually airway leads to coughing, straw, breathing difficulty. And me an adult in every ten over the age of forty from this disease.

Always the ratio of cases of this disease to smoking and air pollution fundamentally, however, the declining number of smokers and the air quality has not reflected a decline in the number of designers as it is available.

The team analyzed the researchers the results of the scan of my lungs 6500 adult smokers and non-smokers, from the source of pulmonary embolism, chronic or non-designers.

The lead author of the study Benjamin Smith Center Irving Medical Columbia University’s American Benjamin Smith told AFP, “We were shocked to see the people who have free to implement a smaller than average face a greater risk of injury by blockage of the pulmonary chronic compared to those who have a free implementation of the normal or largest size”.

Those who have been smoke for decades without developing the disease “was to have a free implementation of the much greater than expected compared to the size of the lungs”.

This leads to the belief that “persons with the larger enjoy Reserve to counteract the effects of tobacco negative”, according to the doctor.

It seems smoking is a risk factor a key to what studies have proven over the past decades.

However, the panel concluded that “the difference between the respiratory volume of the lungs,” explains the disparities in the risk of developing the disease.

As to the cause of the growth of the well plus or minus the mission is still unknown and requires future studies. Has got Benjamin Smith funded to explore the causes of genetic potential.

And other needs are access problems in the growth during childhood, probably from the fetal period until the end of the growth phase.

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