Unrest in Malpartida de Cáceres due to the arrival "without warning" of 140 immigrants from the Canary Islands

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The City Council of Malpartida de Cáceres This Tuesday, he expressed his discomfort at the “misinformation and lack of coordination” of the Government of Spain regarding the arrival of 140 immigrants from the Canary Islands to the municipality “without prior notice and without provision for coverage to respond to their needs.”

As the mayor himself explained, Alfredo Aguilerain a video that he uploaded to social networks, found out about the arrival of this group on Monday afternoon through a WhatsApp group of neighbors, where it was said that they were going to stay in a local hotel: “I got “I contacted the hotel manager and she confirmed that I had a reservation blocked for several months.”

Aguilera assures that he also contacted the subdelegate of the Government in Extremadura in Cáceres, who confirmed the arrival of these people to the town late at night. “The Government of Extremadura did not know anything at all either,” the mayor stressed, a point that was also confirmed later, in a press conference, by the spokesperson for the regional administration, Victoria Bazaga, who added that another 40 immigrants will also arrive in the city of Cáceres. Another 200 arrived in Mérida last week after the express offer, so yes, made by the mayor of the Extremaduran capital, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna (PSOE).

Aguilera (former mayor of the PP but who ran as an independent in the last elections) has sent a message of calm to the neighbors, “who have demonstrated on numerous occasions” their solidarity and hospitality and that of all Malpartideños with people arriving from different countries and reaffirms that it will continue to open its doors and collaborate as much as possible with those who need it”, but at the same time it has complained about “the uncertainty” that has been created by the arrival of such a large number of people “to a small town of 4,100 inhabitants” in contrast and due to a matter of “disproportionality”, in his opinion, with the 40 who plan to stay in Cáceres (96,000 inhabitants).

For the municipal government team, a town with these characteristics “does not have the means or resources to care for them, taking into account that many of them have gone through very difficult situations that require health, social, psychological and other services that they “the population is not available or not able to meet this high demand.”

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