Unsolicited advice: dear Giorgetti, what are you still doing with Salvini?

“But what’s a Berlusconi doing like that with those scrap yards of Meloni and Salvini? His and the EPP’s is another world. The sooner he draws conclusions, the better it will be for him and for all of us ”. Thus Marco Taradash in a post on facebook to comment on the intervention of the national Silvio in favor of a stronger Europe. Oh yes, what is one who thinks of Europe doing these things, a component of the popular party, with people of an extreme right capable of only making propaganda? But Marco Taradash’s question could and should be addressed to many others, especially that Giancarlo Giorgetti who increasingly appears to be the guarantor of that governing League very distant from the sloppy Salvinian propaganda.

Giorgetti what are you doing with Salvini? And why don’t you hurry to unplug him?

It is now evident that your paths are separating: on the one hand the League capable of being in government, on the other that of Papeete; on the one hand the League that knows how to make decisions, on the other the one that thrives on indecisionism.

Giorgetti, take one last small step.

Because Italy needs a serious policy. We need a serious right capable of taking responsibility without teenage games, without people who suck blood from the country with a populism capable only of exalting fears and divisions.

We need a right in government, a right capable of necessary compromises and unpopular decisions. We need a right that knows how to say yes or no with the necessary toughness, without chasing the latest poll and the next algorithm.

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By now it should be clear to everyone: without such a right, a solid right, Italy has no hope of being saved, it has no chance of rebirth. This is why Giorgetti and those like him should do the right thing today and pull the plug on the worst right that has grown up at home.

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