Unsuspected (TF1): viewers are very disappointed with the season finale 1 (REVUE DE TWEETS)


Fans of the series Insoupçonnable, embodied by Emmanuelle Seigner (Chloe Fisher) e Melvil Poupaud (Paul Brodsky), were faithful to the post this Thursday, October 18 from 21 onwards on TF1. And for good reason, not only was the series not broadcast last week because of a French football match, but in addition it was the grand finale of season 1. As you say, they were eager to finally know 39, result of the plot! Except you were rather disappointed …

⋙ Unsuspected (TF1): Emmanuelle Seigner, Claire Keim, Melvil Poupaud … which actors played their role in The Fall? (PHOTO)

On Twitter, many viewers pointed at the end of the first season, which seals the fate of one of the main characters of the saga (we do not tell you more so as not to ruin those who lost the episodes of this evening episode). They feel they have lost their time watching the ten episodes that make up this season 1. According to them, the writers could have done much better and be more explicit about what really becomes for this famous character.

⋙ Unsuspected (TF1): Emmanuelle Seigner clashed with viewers (REVUE DE TWEETS)

Some users have also compared these last minutes with the series scenario The fall, whose unsuspected is adapted, judging the British script better. If you thought you were eligible for a season 2, think again. This is not what will comfort the most skeptical.

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