UNUSUAL about the film Super Mario: this web surfer was more than a year ahead of everyone else for the casting!

the Nintendo Direct September 24 has in store for us some surprises. Among those a big point was made on the film Super Mario in collaboration with Illumination Entertainment. Thus, Chris Pratt was appointed as the vocal performer of the Savior of Peach. Charles Martinet will therefore not be the voice of the now cult mustached plumber, even if he will still be part of the project. The announcement of a new voice actor for one of the most cult sagas in the world of video games surprised all fans, except one …

Indeed it is May 21, 2020, so it is more than a year, that the user of Twitter appointed Sthe General launched his prediction. While at the time no one reacted to it, the publication has to date more than 30,000 retweets and nearly 70,000 likes.

I’m saying it now, the Mario Bros movie will NOT have Charles Martinet as Mario for no reason, and they’re going to choose someone like Chris Pratt instead.

Each Nintendo Direct introduces us to a new diviner and new predictions. Will you be next? You can buy many accessories and games Super Mario on Amazon.

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